The Twist of Gray Family



Hello and welcome to our family!!!

First of all a big THANK YOU for supporting our little project. We appreciate the time for coming online and checking us out. We hope you love our headbands as much as we do!

Our family from Wasaga Beach, Ontario here in Canada 🇨🇦 consists of myself Tanya Cooper, my husband Liam McElwee and our reason for all of this, Grayson.

The "Twist of Gray" story:

Almost 4 years ago to the day we welcomed our pride and joy into the world, Grayson 👶💙

Being a new mom, like I’m sure any new mom would agree, brings on many new challenging experiences. Over the last four years of perfecting the art form of motherhood, I felt like I lost “me”...I felt like I lost feeling and looking like “me” and I am certain that most of that came down to a lack of what I like to call “me time”(Don’t get me wrong, being a mom has been the best thing that has ever happened to me!)

I feel like these days when it’s time to get ready for what ever the occasion may be; going to the gym, out for coffee or date night with Liam, it’s a total sprint (not that I need a marathon, but let’s be honest ladies the process of getting ready for a night out is FUN!)

So how does this all relate to a “Twist of Gray”?

Years ago when we lived in New Zealand, I got my first wired headband (the one pictured) and I loved it. When I had Grayson it became my go to for around the house and getting up in the morning (you should see the state of my hair when I wake up 😫!) It was quick, practical and at the time looked ok. I am not one that looks good in hats.
Fast forward to now and my well used headband being on its last legs, I thought to myself, 🤔 I need a new one. I also wanted the potential of having one to work out with, one to casually wear and then one for when it’s time to feel sexy on a night out with the girls or hubby 🥰. I need to point out that I have short hair and my options to change up my look are very minimal! Liam grabbed a sewing machine from some good friends of ours and got to work. The results lead to us finding a wonderful seamstress and loads of attempts to find the perfect fabric, length, width and colours.

So with much excitement and with the idea of comfort, ease and style we are excited to bring you the joys of wired headbands from a Twist of Gray!

We have worked really hard on getting the quality to an A+ standard and we are going to work our little tushies off to give you guys the best customer service out there.

Our little business grows with your help, so if you love Twist of Gray please share us on your social media sites. Also take pictures of you in your headband, post and Tag us, as we love seeing how Bad ass you all look.

So thank you for all the support and best wishes.

I’m going to leave you with a question.....
Isn’t it time to look good when time is of the essence?