Q. Can you wash your Headband?

A. Yes......We have a blog coming very soon that will teach you how.

Q. How do I wear my Headband?

A. How every you want. Be creative, there is no right way, there is your way! Keep watching social media and our blog page as we have ideas on the way.

Q. How do I store my Headband?

A. We recommend several options. For longevity we recommend straightening the wire after each use and then fold in the way you received. If you find the perfect twist by all means slide on and off and store in that shape.

Q. Will there be more colours and fabrics in the future?

A. Yes, at this stage we will be trying to do a monthly release, and additions to go with every season.

Q. What are your Headbands made of?

A. High Quality cotton blend so it is breathable and comfortable on the skin. The wire is plastic coated to last for a long time, unlike an aluminium wire that will not last as long (product tested).

Q. Where and who makes the Headbands?

A. We have an amazing seamstress here in Barrie Ontario, and the family of course.

Q. What size heads are they for?

A. We have tested on a load of friends and family and came up with a size that is     great so it's not to long on anyone.

Q. Can you get Headaches with these headbands?

A. The great thing about Twist of Gray is they can be adjusted to suit what you         wish, not to tight, not to lose.

Q. Do you have thinner ones?

A. You can fold the material in half to suit.